April 10, 2017
Alumni Summer Works

Applications are closed for summer 2017

Alumni Summer Works allows DP alumni to spend time working for-pay internships at various Democracy Prep sites.

For any questions about the program, please contact John Lindquist (jlindquist@democracyprep.org).

The deadline for application is April 21

Please see below for the details of the available positions.

Position 1: Summer Associate

Manager:Katelyn Derry, Leeanna Cota

Position: Summer Associate

Program Session: 07/05 – 08/04
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: M-F 10-3/ 25 hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep Harlem High School


Principal Responsibilities:

Teachers and scholars take their growth and hard work seriously when the same level of effort is reflected in the organization and visual appeal of their working/learning environment. Our alumni intern would be primarily responsible for improving the aesthetics of the school through visual enhancements and organization. Some concrete tasks in pursuit of this goal may include hanging up beautification items like posters, photos, and pennants, as well as restoring walls and lockers to their original clean state. They will also be tasked with helping prepare our space for the next school year by organizing and arranging supplies and furniture. Our ideal candidate should like organizing, be detailed-oriented, and have an eye for efficient use of space. Our intern(s) will be expected to work independently and problem solve on their own in a way that is inline with an overarching direction.


Position 2: Operations Assistant
Manager: Christy Brown, Mia Backon
Position: Operations Assistant
Program Session:7/10 – 8/25
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: Flexible /10 hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep Harlem Elementary  


Principal Responsibilities:

This will be an Ops Associate role meaning they will organize classrooms, support with scholar enrollment and file collection, system creation support, tech support and support in any Ops role that the rest of the team is supporting.


Position 3: Operations Assistant
Manager: Sean Ryan , Joye Rice
Position:Operations Assistant
Program Session: 7/17-8/20
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: M-F, 9-12 /15 hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep Pathways


Principal Responsibilities:

Pathways is on the move to a new space this summer, and we need a detail-oriented team member to help make this happen! Our intern will work directly with the Ops team to pack up our old space and then set up our new one. This includes taking down old signage, inventorying equipment, and then setting it all up again. Additionally, we’ll have office work including the processing of Purchase orders and preparing forms for new scholars for Parent Orientation and Summer Academy. The successful candidate will have excellent attention to detail, will sweat the small stuff, takes pride in their work including making our school beautiful, and thrives working independently and urgently.


Position 4: Finance Assistant
Manager: Melanie Hok, Andrea George
Position: Finance Assistant
Program Session: 7/10-8/20
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: Flexible/20 hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep CMO


Principal Responsibilities:

Finance support – filing, making bank deposits, campus visits, audit prep work


Position 5: Operations Associate
Manager: Principal
Position:Operations Associate
Program Session: 7/5-8/30
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: M-F 8-1 /25 hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep Charter Middle School


Principal Responsibilities:

As the Operations Associate there will be several buckets that this intern will be working on:

  1. Classroom Library Cataloguing and Organization (entering all classroom libray books in a data base, barcoding, and organizing shelves)
  2. Wall of Fame Beautification project: (intern will be responsible for working with the high school guidance counselor to get the names, pictures, and colleges that the former DPCMS middle schoolers have attended. Associate will be responsible for creating a College Wall of Fame to make that college connection)
  3. Summer School Site Logistics: the associate will play an active role at dismissal times, taking a post outse to help ensure timely dismissals.
  4. General operations prep: on site organization and preparation for the upcoming school year.


*Must have strong organizational skills.   


Position 6: Operations Associate
Manager: Ken Francis, Clifford Morrissey
Position:Operations Associate
Program Session: 7/5-8/30
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: M-F 9-3/29 hours a week
Location:Democracy Prep Endurance Middle School


Principal Responsibilities:

  • Microsoft office processing including:
  • Data entry into Google sheets
  • Creating signage on Microsoft word
  • Scanning documents into digital formats
  • Hands on experience:
  • Participate in projects that are part of school business operations including:
  • Summer academy
  • Aiding in managing day to day operations including attendance
  • Beginning of year set up
  • Filing receipts and learning school-based accounting procedures
  • Event and trip planning
  • Logistics planning and coordination
  • Middle school enrollment
  • Aiding in managing Charter school enrollment  


Position 7: Executive Assistant
Manager: Erin Gilliam, Hugo Crespo
Position: Executive Assistant
Program Session:7/5 – 7/28
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: M-F, 8 -1/ 25hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep Charter High School

Principal Responsibilities:
The Executive Assistant (EA) will work directly with the summer school director and provides administrative and executive support to her and serves as main liaison to the summer school instructional team. The ideal candidate will be experienced in handling a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks, familiar with a high school setting, and able to work independently. This person must be exceedingly well organized, self-motivated, flexible and enjoy the administrative challenges of supporting scholars as they work towards promotion to the next grade. The ability to interact with staff at all levels in a fast paced environment, sometimes under pressure, with a high-level of professionalism and confidentiality is crucial to this role. Expert level written and verbal communication skills, strong decision making ability and attention to detail are equally important.


Specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

– Provide overall administration of executive office including answering phone

– Processing summer school email

– Taking and reporting accurate daily attendance

– Generating, editing, proofing and sending correspondence, documents and presentations on behalf of the Summer School Director

– Compiling, photocopying, and distributing summer school documents.

Position 8: Summer Operations Coordinator
Manager: Susana Vasquez, Jackie Martinez
Position:Summer Operations Coordinator
Program Session 7/5 – 8/31
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: M-F, 8 -3/ 25hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep Charter High School

Principal Responsibilities:
The Operations Coordinator (OC) provides leadership and support for our daily operations and ensures that all systems operate effectively. The position is responsible for the operations of DPCHS’ main office (including virtual operations), meeting/event planning and some project management of summer projects. He or She must have a passion for serving both our teachers and our students and possesses excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communications skills. He or She possesses a high degree of self-awareness and is committed to personal and professional growth. The OC is an innovative problem solver and has a solid understanding of the day to day operations of a high school. Roles and Responsibilities include:

– Be the face of the school, including greeting families and other visitors, answering phone calls

– Executing space setup throughout the summer including: unpacking boxes, reorganizing supply closets, and setting up class rooms

– Design, refine and execute systems to support instruction;

– Manage student and family information, including communication for newly enrolled students

– Manage student records, including attendance, immunization, class rosters, and any/all other student information in the school’s student database systems

– Manage the main office, and organizing and maintaining the space

– Facilitate high school site portion of centralized systems, including mail and restocking of suppliers

– Ordering supplies for the office and programs, and generally maintaining the office


Position 9: Curriculum Development Assistant
Manager: Naomi Bates, Lauren Nelson
Position:Curriculum Development Assistant
Program Session 07/01 – 08/17
Work Hours/ #of hours per week:Tu- Th, 1-4 / 12 hours a week
Location: Democracy Prep CMO


Principal Responsibilities:

As we prepare for the 2017-2018 school year, you will be an critical member of the academic team this summer. You will help refine and adapt our middle school curriculum for the 21st century. Tasks will include indexing assessments, creating Powerpoint presentations, and digital investigation.


Position 10 :Tech Inventory Control Assistant
Manager: Samantha Schulz,Tony Boler
Position: Tech Inventory Control Assistant
Program Session 7/10 – 8/25 (Flexible)
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: Tu-Th, 12 – 5/ 15-25 hours a week
Location: Bronx Prep Charter School


Principal Responsibilities:

  • Monitors, organizes, and maintains current inventory of equipment & supplies


  • Performs physical count of equipment & supplies.


  • Records purchases and assists with maintaining database.


  • Assists Ops Tech with identifying technical issues and investigating possible solutions.


Position 11: Operations Associate
Manager: Samantha Schulz, Amanda Greer
Position: Operations Associate
Program Session 7/10 – 8/25 (Flexible)
Work Hours/ #of hours per week: (Flexible) /20 hours a week
Location: Bronx Prep Charter School


Principal Responsibilities:

Planning, Organizing, & Preparing for teacher return in August
– Organizing and Decorating classrooms and bulletin boards.
– Cataloging, Scanning, and Inventory of textbooks and supplies in Library