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Fanta Camara - DPCHS '17
By: Fanta Camara - DPCHS '17
Love those Microgrants

I honestly appreciate Democracy Prep for giving us this opportunity and I’m also honored to be a part of a community that ensures even the alumni students are on the right track financially. I want to thank the Democracy Prep network for giving us scholars such a strong and supportive system in which we don’t have to worry much about financial barriers. I have been a part of this community since I was in middle school, and I have to say that the passion and dream of success was reflected from each teacher I came across to every student including me. Even staff who weren’t teachers showed how much they wanted to see us do good through the way they encouraged us or checked up on us. Graduating from Democracy Prep was such an accomplishment for myself; not only because it was such a challenging journey that I was able to beat, but because I was able to leave that place with a better version of myself.

Nicole Davis - DPCHS '16
By: Nicole Davis - DPCHS '16
Shout out to Kevin Lassiter '15

You are the best captain, anyone can ever ask for. Outside of college you have motivated me to continue to work hard and not allow other things of getting in the way of me succeeding. Although we may not talk everyday, you are an amazing captain and I am honestly thankful for you. You are an extremely charismatic person who helps brighten my day from time and time again. Every time I text you, you respond within minutes to show that you care. so, besides being a great captain, you are an amazing friend, and while i know i’m not able to share you as my captain with everyone here at [alum’s college] but i’m glad I am to experience what you have to offer. This semester I look forward to the new tasks, new conversations, and new corny jokes. Keep up the good work, i’m here for you as well.

Anita Ntem - DPCHS '14
By: Anita Ntem - DPCHS '14
Changing the World at Bryn Mawr

AR have been amazing about coming to visit my peers and I. The level of love they show us when they step foot on campus always puts a smile on our faces. Recently we got to share with them the new hot topics and events of what is going on as we just relaxed and chowed down on pizza!!! What more can you ask for? The new first years who are the new edition of the Bryn Mawr family also got to realize how cool and loving the AR Team was. They broke the ice and they opened up. Thanks for always showing love, care and support!

Kevin Lassiter - DPCHS '15
By: Kevin Lassiter - DPCHS '15
Representing DP at U of Albany

My name is Kevin Lassiter class of 2019, I am a captain of a cohort for alumni relations. Basically Alumi Relations has helped me as they’re always there when I need assistance. Whether it be that I need assistance with my FAFSA or need money back from books, they’re always there. I had a FAFSA question and Cinthia responded minutes later. Ahmed wastes no time to let you know the status of my grant request and sends it out ASAP! Tanaya and Jaime are both there to answer any questions I have with task and being that connective tissue between me and the higher ups in AR’s team. I would like to thank everyone who has been there for me and I’ll continue to make you proud.

Akeda Riley - DPCHS '14
By: Akeda Riley - DPCHS '14
Holdin' Down the Spot at BC

AR has always been a large support system for me. My freshman year couldn’t have had more bumps in its road, but somehow I made it through. Having this support gave me another family and a home away from home because I knew there was always someone there that would be proud of my accomplishments and excited about everything that I do. It’s a love, love relationship.